Naomi Adie

Naomi Adie
8th December 2017

Disability: Spinal Injury, SIJ Dysfunction, Hypermobility, Nerve Damage and mental health problems

Lives: Norwich

I was medically discharged from the RAF in November 2014 and before my disabilities I was very active and played field hockey to a high level.

My disabilities are numerous, so where to start? Well I have spinal injury, SIJ dysfunction, hypermobility, nerve damage and mental health problems, but thankfully despite that I still have great teeth!

I’m a veteran, a mother and a wife.

When I was discharged by the RAF, I was in a pretty bad place mentally as well as physically. I eventually found employment, and my rehabilitation was going well, but I missed being part of a sport. When I heard Para Ice Hockey was going to be involved in the Invictus games, and having already played field hockey in my past, I thought this is the sport for me and I went along to my local team, Peterborough Phantoms.

The freedom this sport gives me is beyond words, normally I have crutches or I am in a wheelchair, but being free on the ice is liberating and being able to play a physical game again, is amazing! This sport has given me joy and I can’t stop smiling when I’m taking part.

I love being part of our club family and showing my daughter that no matter what life hands to you, you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

I’m proud to be a Phantom!

Likes: The outdoors, all types of hockey, spending time with family and friends, my pets (1 Black lab and 3 cats), Gin and stationary.

Dislikes: Offal, smelly locker rooms and backstabber’s.

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