Dave Threadgold

Dave Threadgold
4th December 2017

Disability: Severe Haemophilia

Lives: Essex

I have always been active, and I used to play football around 2 or 3 times a week. In 2012, I suffered an ankle injury that prevented me from playing to the level and frequency that I was used to, and sadly this injury forced me to give it up.

My girlfriend became bored of listening to me moaning about not being able to play sport, and got in touch with Peterborough Phantoms to see if I could become involved in any capacity. I turned up for my first session in early 2015, and I was instantly hooked. The speed, skill and overall challenge was exactly what I was looking for. I remember the speed that I got up to in my first training session, and I didn’t want it to end. When I finally got off the ice, I was a sweaty mess, but I knew I had found my new sport.

I wasn’t able to competitively play last season due to a shoulder injury, so this is going to be my first year of playing, and I can’t wait.

With regards to the future, I would like to try and promote the club and the sport, to make it more accessible to people in different areas. I live in Essex, and with Peterborough being my nearest team, it would be great to see the sport develop so we didn’t all have to travel large distances to play this game. I work for a disability charity, so I see on a daily basis the benefit of new experiences, and I would love for more people to have access to sledge hockey at their local rinks.

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